Organic Greek Oregano

Organic Greek Oregano

Organic Oregano picked by hand from the slopes of Mount Parnon in Arcadia.

Its healing properties vary:

  • antibacterial properties,
  • treatment of disorders such as osteoporosis and atherosclerosis,
  • prevention and treatment of breast cancer by slowing down, or stopping its progression

It has a spicy taste and is perfectly combined with olive oil and lemon.

It suits the taste in almost all foods, with soups, potatoes, omelets, meats, fish, beans, pasta, vegetables, foods that contain tomato, it also fits very well in pizzas but also in various types of breads. It blends nicely with basil and other herbs.
In taste and aroma it resembles thyme and marjoram.

Packed in a 30gr paper bag.

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